The blog

This blog is neither a research instrument nor a repository of field-notes, although occasionally some of the posts would be informed by empirical data used in my research. Instead, it is an attempt to present, represent and reflect upon the ethnographic research as it unfolds. It does not (cl)aim to come up with any sort of tricks, with any privileged ways of doing fieldwork. The posts simply capture and discuss things deemed worth mentioning as they are encountered along the line. More often than not, they are not immediately related to my topic because, in my regard, it would be an impiety to discuss a work-in-progress. I prefer blogging about things that intrigue me, things with unclear meaning and fuzzy social boundaries.

This blog is also a story of apprenticeship: learning ethnography by doing ethnography, and learning ethnography by sharing the experience. There would be posts on fieldwork practicalities, strategies for getting data and making sense of data, contingencies in the research process, and stuff of a similar sort. The most likely audience would consist of fellow graduate students sharing an interest in Eastern European and Asian societies, medical sociology, or simply ethnographic fieldwork. Whatever your academic jurisdiction is, feel free to drop a line sharing an idea, an experience, or making a comment!